Meet Gracie

Gracie is a blue and gold macaw (Ara ararauna) that came to Noah’s Ark in 1998 at 5 years old.  While she was young and still growing, she fell to the floor and broke her pelvis, but was never provided any medical care for her severe injuries.  A few years later, her owners surrendered her to Noah’s Ark, stating she was loud, aggressive, and messy.  Despite her physical limitations, Gracie excels in life as a parrot!  She is fully flighted and uses her beak and toes well; however, she cannot bend the other joints in her legs.  She is a master at puzzle feeders and has quite a mischievous personality.  This species of macaw has a conservation status of least concern and inhabits much of South America.  They are popular as pets, but their large size (and large beak) and natural behaviors such as the need to chew and communicate with their flock (aka scream) mean many blue and gold macaws are no longer wanted by their owners.

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